Work vs Student Visas- An Immigration Attorney Explains

Passport and US Visa

If you want to come and work in the United States, you need to speak to an immigration attorney for help understanding your options. There are certain types of visas that will allow you to attend school in the United States or that will let you live in the country as a tourist, but that do not permit you to have a job. An immigration attorney like Cynthia R. Lopez can help you find your best options.

When your visa is not a work visa, you may have a difficult time finding an employer who will hire you because it will be impossible for you to work legally. You could also jeopardize your right to remain in the United States and create problems for future immigration attempts if you try to work without valid permission to do so. Cynthia R. Lopez is an  immigration attorney that can help you to determine what types of visas may be available that will allow you to have a job. She will also explain what your rights are, and what the restrictions are, based on the visa that allowed you to enter the United States.

A work visa would allow you to remain in the country and have a job for a limited period of time. However, it is also possible to get employment-based immigration visas that put you on the path towards becoming naturalized and even eventually becoming a citizen of the United States. There are strict requirements for these types of visas and you generally must have an employer who is qualified and willing to sponsor you if you want to get an employment-based immigration visa.

Cynthia R. Lopez has the experience and knowledge you need to handle all of your immigration issues, so call today to speak with an El Paso immigration attorney you can trust. She is an immigration lawyer that can help you explore opportunities for immigrating permanently to the United States by getting the process started with an employment-based visa. Contact her offices today to schedule an appointment!