Are Work Permits Different from Visas?

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If you are a foreign national living in or interested in moving to El Paso, you may be interested in obtaining work permits. Work permits are different from visas in many important ways, and you need to ensure you understand the differences so you do not accidentally violate immigration law. Cynthia R. Lopez is a trusted immigration lawyer in El Paso who can provide you with assistance in securing work permits and or in getting an appropriate visa.

Visas VS Work Permits

Visas come in many different kinds. You can get a tourist visa, which will allow you to come to the United States temporarily for a vacation. You can also get a student visa that lets you come to school, an employment visa that lets you work temporarily in the United States. You can also get various types of immigration visas that put you on the path to becoming a green card holder.   Some visas have strict prohibitions against working or significantly limit the number of hours that you can work and the types of employment that you can have. Other visas will allow you to obtain jobs in El Paso or throughout the United States. You need to make sure you do not try to obtain a job if your visa that allows you to be in the United States does not entitle you to work legally.United States of America social security and green card on white background. Immigration concept. Closeup with shallow depth of field.

Obtaining Work Permits

Obtaining work permits is a prerequisite if you want to hold down employment while living in the United States. Employers will want to make sure you have legal status that allows you to work. Having the right permit means you don’t have to worry about running afoul of the law. If you want to work in El Paso or surrounding areas, contact Cynthia R. Lopez for help securing work permits.