Why You Need an Immigration Attorney in El Paso

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An immigration attorney in El Paso provides invaluable assistance as you try to navigate the immigration system in the United States. Individuals who are trying to come to the U.S. on a temporary or a permanent basis can get help from an immigration attorney in El Paso.  An attorney can provide guidance on what types of immigrant and non immigrant visas are available, including student visas, family visas, and employment visas.

Those who want to try to bring their families to the United States can also benefit from the help of an immigration attorney in El Paso.  Both U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents can actually sponsor certain family members and get them on the path towards migrating permanently to the U.S.  However, there are restrictions. For example, a child cannot generally sponsor parents until the child is at least 21. Some types of family visas are available in unlimited numbers, like spousal visas for the spouses of U.S. citizens.  Others are more restricted. Employers who want to expand their workforce to include people from abroad can also get help from an immigration attorney in El Paso to learn about the requirements for sponsoring immigrants.

Talking to a lawyer before starting the immigration process is advisable because you can get the right documents from the start and avoid immigration problems. However, if you are in the country without legal status or if you are facing deportation, an immigration attorney in El Paso can also help you try to find solutions to fix your immigration issues.

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