What to Look for in an Immigration Attorney 

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There are many lawyers and legal officials out there who can help you sort your application for citizenship or visa to reside in the United States. Although, something you must ask yourself is, “how can this person help me on my journey into the United States?”

As you may already know, the process of entering the United States legally can be long and arduous, which is exactly why you need a lawyer to assist you. Choosing the right lawyer is the first decision you have to make in this process. We discuss the best traits in a lawyer that will work best for you. 

Be Mindful of Their Quality 

When choosing a lawyer, you might be willing to hire the first one you come into contact with, but this might not be the smartest move. It is crucial that you take the time to choose an attorney who is qualified and has a good background. Another thing to keep in mind is that cheap does not equate to high quality. Doing your research can be a great help. 

Get a Word of Trust 

If you know people in your community who’ve had to hire an immigration lawyer in the past, then you should talk to them about what they recommend. Sometimes the best input comes from clients and from those who can talk about their experiences with the lawyers they’ve hired. Ask friends and family, as they might also be able to connect you to someone who has undergone immigration procedures with help from a lawyer. 

Confirm Their Credentials 

When you do come across a potential lawyer, you will want to ensure that they are exactly who they make themselves out to be. Look through their credentials and look through the organizations that granted them those credentials. Dig deep to see where most of their experience lies. It’s always best to choose a lawyer who has years of experience in immigration law. 

Discuss Fees and Charges 

Paying for the fees may not be the easiest step, but a reputable lawyer will almost always find a way to help you. Talk to your lawyer about fees ahead of time; that way, nothing will catch you by surprise. You could also compare fees when looking into different lawyers. Look at whether these lawyers charge by the hour or offer a flat fee. 

Build a Relationship with Them 

The way your lawyer interacts with you can say a lot about themselves and their work efforts. Although it might not be written in the job description, it is a lawyer’s moral obligation to connect with their clients to help them out. If you find yourself having a hard time building a supportive relationship with your lawyer, they might not be the one. 

If Necessary, Find Out If They Are Bilingual 

Some people may feel compelled to take the case on their own because they’re unable to communicate with potential lawyers who don’t speak the language. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many immigration lawyers have taken it upon themselves to learn other languages so they’ll be able to better communicate with their clients. This is one of the best traits when looking for an immigration lawyer.

Look at Reviews 

In addition to getting a reference, you could always look at reviews online. After all, that’s what they are there for! Although, be wary when looking at reviews. Some reviews can be explained by a lawyer, others might not, but either way, this might be a helpful tip in narrowing down your options. 

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

The last and most important thing to consider when looking for a lawyer is knowing that you are comfortable and in good hands. As we mentioned already, a good lawyer will take the time to build a relationship with you, to understand your case, to know the problems and situations you are facing. They not only do this for the sake of your case, but they also take it upon themselves to show you that they can be trusted. 

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