What Immigration Reform Has Looked Like Under the Biden Administration

Immigration was one of the major issues under the Trump Administration. Once Joe Biden was sworn into his presidency, he was delegated to unwind everything the Trump Administration did in terms of immigration reform. Although the Biden Administration has promised a change with immigration reform, it has not been simply done as it is said. In fact, the Biden Administration has received criticism recently due to the spike in migrants being detained after crossing the border. What is important to understand is that reform takes time. Biden has proposed a bill, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which is expected to turn immigration around completely. What exactly does this bill aim to work on? We highlight the details. 

Attaining Citizenship and Visas 

Whereas the dreamers from the DACA program were denied almost any entry into the United States under the Trump Administration, this bill under the Biden Administration aims to help eligible applicants, including the dreamers, such as immigration farmworkers, to apply for citizenship. Throughout the process, officials are to refer to these individuals as noncitizens, no longer as “aliens”. 

Replacing the Border’s Sources 

While the Trump Administration heavily invested in the building of the border wall, this bill aims to completely tear that away. Instead of investing in a way, the new administration and its bill on immigration say it will provide more technology for screenings and to better search for contraband at ports of entry. 

Protecting Border Communities 

Not only does the Biden Administration aim to shift their attention away from investing in the wall, but the bill also aims to protect those who live along the border. According to law, border patrol agents can stop anyone that is within 100 miles of the border and ask about their citizenship status and search them. This law has received a lot of backlash considering the entire city of El Paso is within less than 100 miles of the border, in addition to many other cities that are located along the border. The bill intends to crack down on the professionalism and authority that border patrol agents have. 

Addressing the Causes and Effects of Migration 

Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited the border in El Paso and said that it is important to address how or what is pushing these people to come into the United States and how it affects them when they are detained and separated from their families. The bill also promises to look deeper into these factors. 

Protecting Unaccompanied Migrant Children 

The holding facilities where unaccompanied migrant children are taken are being fought against because of the reported conditions that these children have to stay in. The bill mentions providing more suitable centers and connecting these children to counselors that way they can be reconnected with their families as soon as possible. 

Supporting Asylum Seekers 

The Trump Administration was very strict when it came to allowing asylum seekers in. The new bill under the Biden Administration aims to work on that. For those seeking asylum, the asylum-seeking claim deadline has been extended and as long as they show that their home country is unsuitable, they will be allowed into the United States. 

No More Separation of Families 

Some families are kept apart for years due to the border law, but the new bill under the Biden Administration reforms backlogs, making processing times faster and shorter. The bill also supports families that have members that belong to the LGBTQ+ community, where discrimination will not be tolerated. It also protects orphans, widows, children, and foreign veterans who fought alongside the U.S.

Growth in the Economy

The Trump Administration was infamous for labeling immigrants as a threat to the economy, claiming that they would take job opportunities away. The bill makes it easier for those attending on an education visa to stay once they have graduated and to find employment in the United States. This is one of many ways the new bill eliminates any roadblocks that interfere with employment-based visas. 

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