Understanding Work Permits

silhouette of man with cap against an American flag on a brick wallObtaining a work permit in El Paso is a lengthy process. There are several types of work permits, different forms to fill out, and certain situation that can disqualify a person from obtaining access. The U.S. immigration laws have undergone several changes in the past year alone. Immigrants desiring work in the U.S. often have a hard time understanding the system and the requirements to gaining a work permit. Hiring a lawyer can streamline the process and provide help to obtaining a job in El Paso and other border cities.

Steps to Obtaining Employment

Check Immigration Status – If an immigrant has a green card then access to a work permit is already possible. If not, it is recommended to check the status first. A lapsed status could have a negative effect.

Determine the Desired Employment – There are different forms to fill out if you have a specific employer you desire to work for, or if you are seeking employment in general. A Form I175 makes it possible to leave one employer and move to a different job. It is important to complete these forms exactly as directed. Any mistakes can make the process much longer.

Required Documentation – At this point you need to gather all the documents necessary for the work permit application. This can include an arrival-departure record, identification cards, photos, and the proper filing fees.

Waiting For a Response – When the application is received the last step is to wait for a response. Rejects can happen because forms were filled out wrong, information wasn’t provided, the fee was not included, as well as many other reasons.

Causes for a Work Permit Rejections

Often times, a rejection of  happens due to complications with the application process. Filling out the right documents and providing adequate information is a large part of the process. These documents can be difficult to understand. Having a misdemeanor is another cause of inadmissibility. Even minor crimes that require less than a year of jail time cause ineligibility.

Hire an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is a great way to streamline the process for obtaining a work permit. If you are overwhelmed about the paperwork or are experiencing a language barrier an attorney will be able to take you through each step of the process and ensure that you submit the proper documents. If you have legal issues like misdemeanors a lawyer will provide the extra representation necessary.  

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