Are You Thinking of Applying for Citizenship in the U.S.?

back of a woman holding hand up with the American flag in the background swearing her oath after applying for citizenship and being approved

Applying for citizenship begins with finding a basis for obtaining an immigration visa. You must be approved for an immigration visa, and then seek an adjustment of status to become a lawful permanent resident (LPR).  Then, after getting your green card and becoming an LPR, you must move forward with the process of actually becoming a citizen.

A Multi-Step Process

There are many steps involved in applying for citizenship– you cannot simply immigrate to the United States and become a citizen without first going through each of the stages of the process.   At each stage, from your initial application for a visa to an interview to the citizenship test, you need to be prepared and know what is expected of you. Cynthia R. Lopez is an experienced immigration attorney who has guided many individuals and families in El Paso through the multi-step process of applying for citizenship.

Family and Employer Based Immigration

For many people who eventually become citizens, the first step is finding an employer or a family member who is eligible to sponsor you for an immigration visa. Cynthia R. Lopez’s legal office can help you to determine what family members and employers may be eligible. Our office can provide assistance in determining if there are family-based immigration visas available. There are different preference categories depending upon the nature of the family relationship, with some very close family members becoming eligible for an immigration visa right away.

Getting Help from an Attorney When Applying for Citizenship

Since applying for citizenship in El Paso can take a long time, you do not want to make any mistakes or any omissions that could delay the process. Cynthia R. Lopez will be your legal advocate guiding you at every step of the way as you move forward to becoming a United States citizen.  Contact us today to learn more.