The Help You Need from a Strong Immigration Attorney in El Paso




If you are currently separated from your family as a result of immigration problems, you need a strong immigration attorney who can help you. Cynthia R.. Lopez can help you find your best options and provide a strong legal case in your family’s favor. The immigration laws in the United States are in flux, and because of ongoing challenges reforming the immigration system, President Obama issued an executive order allowing certain immigrant parents of U.S. citizens to avoid deportation and to obtain work permits.

President Obama has also deferred deportations and given certain legal rights to children brought to the United States when they were young. These actions are intended to help keep families together, but they are facing court challenges. The laws, as they exist, do provide some opportunities for avoiding deportation. A strong immigration attorney like Cynthia R. Lopez can help individuals without lawful status to explore ways to reunite with their families and to gain legal status.

For those who are not in the country without lawful status, there are options available for starting on a path towards citizenship. A strong immigration attorney can evaluate your situation and help you to understand all of the different options that may be open to you. For example, if you can find an employer who is willing to sponsor you, you may get an employment-based visa. If you have relatives who are either United States citizens or who are lawful permanent residents, they may be able to sponsor you for family-based immigration.

No matter what your particular situation, the stakes are high if you and your family are separated as a result of immigration issues. A strong immigration attorney in El Paso will help you to find the right solutions.

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