Spouse Visas in El Paso

Passport and US Visa

The purpose of spouse visas in El Paso is to facilitate the process by which you to bring a spouse you married in another country to the United States. Spouse visas allow your spouse to start on the path towards becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States and, if he or she is interested, can ultimately make it possible for your spouse to become a U.S. citizen. In order to ensure that you comply with U.S. Immigration Law during this process, it is best to talk to an experienced attorney like Cynthia R. Lopez.

Spouse visas are available in unlimited numbers if you are a U.S. citizen and you marry someone from outside of the United States. If you are a lawful permanent resident, spouse visas are also available to allow you to help your husband or wife immigrate to the United States; however there may be a wait for a green card as a result of annual limits on the number of green cards that are available.

When you apply for spouse visas, you must already be married. If you are hoping to get married within the United States, then a fiancé visa would be a more appropriate type of visa to apply for as this would allow your future spouse to live in the United States until a wedding can be planned and you can be lawfully wed.

It is important to understand that spouse visas are available only in situations where your marriage is a legitimate one and is not based solely on immigration reasons.  Cynthia R. Lopez can help you with the process of proving that your marriage is real when you go through the process of being interviewed by customs agents. She can also assist with all paperwork associated with obtaining spouse visas in El Paso and can help you throughout the process of making it possible for a foreign spouse to come and live permanently in the United States. Contact her offices today for the help you need.