Different Services an Immigration Law Firm Provides

large immigration law book with scales on topAn immigration law firm provides many different types of services to people who need help with their legal status.  In El Paso, Cynthia R. López provides sound legal representation for people on the border who are looking to immigrate to the U.S., as well as with other immigration issues. Our goal at the law offices of Cynthia R. López is to provide the best immigration services for people who are simply looking for a better life. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has laws that are constantly changing.  Cynthia R. López helps people getting a tourist or work visa, want an immigration visa, or are hoping to help a family member to immigrate. 

Providing Support in Immigration Law

Our immigration law firm helps you understand immigration laws, as well as provide help with paperwork and applications. Our immigration attorney can also help you to understand what kind of visa you need. Keep in mind, there are different options, including an immigration visa or a tourist visa. In addition, there are also many different ways to immigrate legally into the U.S.. For example, you can be sponsored by your employer or family  member. An immigration law firm like the offices of Cynthia R. López also helps permanent residents take the next step to become U.S. citizens

Immigration Law Firm Servicesback of a woman holding hand up with the American flag in the background swearing her citizenship oath

The laws are readily evolving on immigration. For example, rules for a visa waiver program recently changed to impose new restrictions. There may be new opportunities provided by DACA or DAPA for those who are currently undocumented.  An attorney can help you to understand how developments in the law affect you.  If you are helping a family member to come to the United States, an attorney can provide advice on this process. Finally, if there is a risk of deportation or pending removal proceedings, an attorney like Cynthia R. López can provide representation with these high-stakes legal issues.

Getting Help from an Immigration Law Firm

Many people throughout El Paso and surrounding areas turn to Cynthia R. Lopez for help with all of their immigration issues. This includes whether they have legal concerns about their own immigration status or want to help family members. To learn about all of the services that we can provide and the ways that we can help, contact us today!