The Right Time to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Immigration word cloud, with immigration in black and other related words in blue and green under it with a hand behind them, writing.It is a good idea to hire an immigration attorney as early as possible in the immigration process. There are strict rules to follow when it comes to any immigration process. Talking to an attorney can help in any immigration situation. Some examples include:

  • Personal immigration intentions into the U.S.
  • Family members who want to immigrate
  • Sponsoring foreign employees to work in the U.S.

Immigration into the United States is a complicated process that usually requires a knowledgeable attorney for a better chance at success. Making a mistake could be costly and could have dire consequences in terms of eligibility to immigrate. Getting legal help is worthwhile. Cynthia R. Lopez, P.C. can provide assistance with all immigration matters for people in El Paso and surrounding areas.

When Should You Hire an Immigration Attorney?

There are different kinds of visas, including family-based immigration visas and employment-based immigration visas. Within the family category, there are also different visa preference groups. Additionally, this depends upon the relationship of the foreign immigrant and the U.S. sponsor. An experienced immigration attorney can help to determine which option is most likely to make immigration possible, as there are limited numbers of certain kinds of visas available each year.  There are also strict requirements and limitations on different types of visas, as well as rules preventing certain visa holders from working in the U.S.  Making a mistake or failing to submit all information could result in a visa application being denied or in significant delays.

If you find yourself in danger of deportation, the advice of a good attorney will be invaluable. Considering the state of current immigration affairs, it is good to keep abreast of any changes. It can also be beneficial to talk to an immigration attorney if you have any questions of  your own status or that of a family member. Hire an immigration attorney as soon as you realize that there will be immigration issues to deal with. There are many situations in which it is advisable to hire an attorney for help as you immigrate. They can also help determine what the right type of visa application is in each particular situation.

Get Help from an Immigration Attorney

Many people in El Paso turn to Cynthia R. Lopez, P.C. for help with the immigration process. When you need an immigration attorney who can provide advice and representation on everything from family-based immigration to fighting deportation, contact us today.