Keep Your Loved Ones Close- Learn About Spouse Visas

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True love should never be separated. If you are a resident or citizen but your husband is a Mexican national, you must understand that you have the option of obtaining spouse visas. With the help of immigration attorney Cynthia R. Lopez, you and your loved one have the opportunity to be together again. Living on the border comes with many challenges and many other benefits as well, one of which is being able to extend your citizenship privileges to your spouse.

Many people in our community have the common misconception that spouse visas are hard to come by. This can be true, but when you go through the proper channels, it should not be a problem. With the professional legal advising of Cynthia R. Lopez, you can achieve your goal of a happy life together with your loved one.

There are many ways of obtaining spouse visas, especially if you contact Cynthia R Lopez to help you get them. No couple should have to endure the terrible agony of being separated by law.  Cynthia R. Lopez has the years of experience necessary to get you back to your loved one in no time. For more information on spouse visas and how Cynthia R. Lopez can help you, contact our offices today.