Immigration Litigation in El Paso

How Immigration Litigation Can Help

Along the El Paso-Juarez border, there are various kinds of situations that involve families seeking assistance from an El Paso Immigration attorney. Immigration litigation is taking legal action for immigration issues involving individuals, families and businesses. Illegal activities related to immigration can include: overstaying your visa, not filing for the proper visa, or illegal border crossing. Those who are experiencing immigration problems can greatly benefit from the advocacy of an El Paso immigration attorney, such as the law office of Lopez & Associates. With years of experience in a wide range of immigration issues, Lopez & Associates provides guidance and protection for the rights of individuals who are facing immigration complications. Immigration issues can become confounded with additional legal matters if for example; a person with questionable immigration status commits a crime. The defendant’s immigration status can often become the focal point of contention within the case. Immigration litigation can be effective in helping those who have entered the country illegally, by settling the matter without deportation. Litigation can also help someone receive an extension when filing paperwork. When paperwork is not filed either properly or on time, it can cause time delays prolonging the entire process. In some cases along our border region, people flee their country and become refugees in our nation. An immigration attorney can help refugees apply for protection under U.S law. Overall, an immigration litigator can prevent the break up of families who have migrated or escaped their countries due to governmental unrest and help those who are facing deportation. It is not uncommon for families to need the legal backing and protection from experienced immigration attorneys in the El Paso area.

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