Immigration Litigation in El Paso | Get the Right Representation


Immigration litigation in El Paso can arise if deportation proceedings are being pursued against you or someone you love. If you are seeking asylum or refugee status or if you believe adverse actions were improperly taken against you, you may also become involved in immigration litigation in El Paso.

Immigration litigation in El Paso requires an understanding of how to navigate the court system. There are special rules applicable to presenting evidence, calling witnesses, and making legal arguments. Everything you do when dealing with the court, from submitting responses to filing motions, must comply with the requirements established by court procedures. Because of the complicated rules in immigration litigation in El Paso, it typically makes sense for you to be represented by a qualified and experienced legal professional throughout the litigation process.

Cynthia R. Lopez has extensive experience with immigration litigation in El Paso.  As a knowledgeable and skilled litigator, Cynthia R. Lopez can put together compelling evidence and can present it in a way that can be helpful in convincing the court to find in your favor and rule for you in the litigation.

To prevail and get the desired outcome from immigration litigation in El Paso, you need to know what laws apply to your case and how to make sound legal arguments. For example, there are specific things that you must prove to be granted asylum or refugee status and allowed to remain in the country. An attorney with experience in immigration law and litigation knows what the rules are that apply to your case and can help to put together the strongest arguments you have for why the court should fine for you.

Do not take a chance on trying to handle immigration litigation in El Paso on your own or with an inexperienced attorney.  Call Cynthia R. Lopez today for help.
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