Immigration Litigation in El Paso: An Advocate on Your Side


Immigration litigation  can arise when you are required to go to court as a result of violating immigration rules.  The stakes can be very high when it comes to immigration litigation because an unfavorable outcome could end up with you being deported and not permitted to come back into the United States for a long time due to a visa overstay. Luckily, Cynthia R. Lopez is an excellent immigration lawyer in the El Paso area who can help you with this issue.

Deportation proceedings do not necessarily always end with you having to leave the country, and there are many different arguments that you can make if you become involved in immigration litigation in El Paso. For example, one possible argument that you can make is that you would be in danger of religious persecution, political prosecution or other unlawful treatment upon returning to your home country. If you are at risk of being harmed upon your return, then you may be given special permission to stay in the United States.

This is just one possible defense you can raise during immigration litigation in El Paso. Every case is different and when you are expected to go to court, you need to ensure that you have a qualified and experienced legal professional who can help you to decide on the best approach to take.

Immigrants to the United States have the right to constitutional protections, regardless of whether you have current valid immigration status or not.  An attorney specializing in immigration litigation in El Paso will fight for you and help to ensure that your rights are respected.

Cynthia R. Lopez has extensive experience with immigration litigation in El Paso and can represent and advocate for you during your entire court proceedings. Contact her offices today to get an advocate on your side who can help you with all of your immigration concerns.