When Does Immigration Litigation Come into Play?

Shadow of family behind a chain link fence. The immigration process can be extremely tricky to navigate. Although El Paso is full of people who have successfully moved to the United States, it doesn’t mean that the process wasn’t difficult. Immigration litigation refers to any litigation, or taking legal action, related to immigration issues. This can involve anything from issues involving visas to deportation defense. Usually, immigration litigation will come up when time is a factor or when complications with the system occur. When this happens, you need the help of an experienced immigration lawyer like Cynthia R. Lopez to give you the best representation and help with your immigration problems.

Immigration Litigation: Common Causes

Possibly the most frustrating aspects of immigration is how long it can take and how expensive it can be. Sometimes, the lofty costs can be directly attributed to the lengthy process. Even then, complications and errors can arise in any situation. These issues usually center around a person’s ability to stay in the country or not. For example, for people who overstay their visas, immigration litigation can help file for extensions or explore other refugee or asylum options. Immigration litigation can help keep you in the country while these matters are resolved. In addition, this can be immense help when there is a risk of breaking apart a family.

When Would Immigration Litigation Become a Necessity?

When applying for permanent citizenship or a work visa, student visa, etc. it’s important to understand the law. Unfortunately, taking the time to fully understand the law is not a luxury most people have. When you are filling out these applications and forms, it can be very easy to make a mistake. These mistakes can easily cause problems that can disqualify your application. In these cases, being able to turn to a good lawyer will help. Immigration litigation means a lawyer can fight in order to give you a chance to fix those mistakes. There are times that immigration litigation may seem like the only way to resolve certain issues. Other times, simply the threat of immigration litigation can make a process go faster. Keep in mind, this does not necessarily mean the case will go your way.

The immigration process can be stressful if not handled properly. It can become a pain and a seemingly unattainable goal if one tries to navigate it alone. When it comes to things like deportation processes or overstaying visas, immigration litigation will almost always be a factor. Cynthia R. Lopez can help with everything from simple immigration questions to more serious issues like deportation or expired visas. If you have any questions about the services that Cynthia R Lopez offers, contact us today.