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Which Background Checks Reveal Immigration Status?

Those who are seeking to immigrate into our nation should be advised as to what to expect when background checks are being used that may reveal the status of their immigration process. As always, working with an immigration lawyer in El Paso to maintain current good standing with immigration offices, is the best way to ensure the least amount of complications.

Law enforcement background checks, especially those with authority for issuing a security clearance related to high-level government jobs or prior to a criminal trial will effectively determine the current status of a person’s immigration.

Employment background checks must check on an applicant’s immigration status, since it is illegal to hire a person who is not legally authorized to work in the United States. Any illegal aliens or foreign tourists will be prohibited from legal employment, without an alien registration number or social security number verified. Oftentimes, job offers are contingent upon a background check clearing first.

Third party investigations use background checks utilizing a public records search, which can include the department of motor vehicle records, court records and similar information sources. Although the primary purpose of these types of investigations may not be for determining immigration status, your current immigration status may still appear in the results. For example, most U.S. states will only issue a driver’s license to legal residents.

Seeking the advice of an immigration lawyer in El Paso, will help determine the current status of your immigration or to keep matters up to date is the best way to avoid any complications when applying for jobs or other services involving a background check.

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