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Cynthia R. Lopez is a caring immigration lawyer in El Paso who will provide you with the help that you need if you or your family member is having immigration issues. Having an immigration lawyer is important if you are facing deportation, if you are in the United States but have undocumented status, or if you are interested in moving to the United States. If you want to help a family member come to this country and live here permanently, you also should consult with an immigration lawyer in El Paso for assistance.

Cynthia R. Lopez is a top immigration lawyer in El Paso because of her commitment to keeping up-to-date on changes in the law. There have been important changes made in United States immigration policy over the past several years and many people with undocumented status are now being protected from deportation. Pending executive orders that are working their way through the court system now may also make millions more people eligible for deferred deportation and work permits. This can make your life much easier if you are currently living in the United States with undocumented status. However, you should talk to an immigration lawyer in El Paso about whether you are going to be eligible for these programs and about what you need to do to get your paperwork together to quality.

Cynthia R. Lopez can do more than just help people who are not currently legally immigrating to the United States. We can also provide assistance to individuals who want to bring their family members here and to people who want to come and live in the U.S. permanently and who are interested in an immigration visa. To talk to an immigration lawyer in El Paso who can help you to get on the path to becoming a permanent resident, call Cynthia R. Lopez today. 915 Huckleberry El Paso, Texas 79903 (915) 996-9070