How an Immigration Law Firm can Help with Adjustment of Status

a globe next to a passport

An immigration law firm can help applicants with many immigration issues, such as adjustment of status. If your Adjustment of Status (AOS) application is approved, this is the last step to become a lawful permanent resident (LNR) and green card holder in the United States. You do not want to make any errors that could jeopardize this important milestone allowing you to live permanently in the U.S. An immigration law firm like the offices of Cynthia R. Lopez can help you avoid any mistakes that may delay or negate the process.

Why You Want to Get Your AOS As Soon as Possible

Getting your adjustment of status means you are now a permanent resident of the United States and enjoy many (but not all) of the same benefits and privileges as citizens. When you are a lawful permanent resident, you may be able to sponsor your spouse and certain other close family members in their own immigration process.  You can also travel freely to visit friends and family not just outside of El Paso, but outside of the country. Even with advance parole, foreign travel is a risk and not always possible while you are awaiting your green card- but this risk is eliminated with adjustment of status.

Do Not Delay Getting Help from an Immigration Law Firm

You do not want to delay in getting your adjustment of status application approved, and an immigration law firm can help you to make sure you do everything possible to move forward with getting a green card as quickly as possible.  Within El Paso, Cynthia R. Lopez Attorney at Law has provided invaluable assistance to many people immigrating to the U.S. who are eligible for green cards due to asylum or refugee status, as well as those who are eligible for green cards because of family or employment based immigration.

When you need an immigration law firm in El Paso that you can trust to help you with something as important as your green card, contact Cynthia R. Lopez Attorney at Law today.