Established Immigration Law Firm in El Paso

In a border city like El Paso, many people are in need of assistance with things like immigration and naturalization in the U.S. Having a good immigration lawyer is very helpful, as the process can be long and complex. The details of immigration law can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, there is an immigration law firm in El Paso that has a reputation for providing friendly service to the community. The law offices of Cynthia R. Lopez can help anyone apply for immigrant visas or green cards in the United States. If you have a criminal record, this can be a major hindrance when trying to become a permanent resident. Your attorney can assess the impact of your conviction on the process of immigration and help you seek out the possibilities that are available to you.

When dealing with matters of immigration, there can be large amounts of paperwork to be filled out and turned in at specific times. Having a trustworthy immigration lawyer can help make the process bearable. There can be so much documentation involved that it can feel overwhelming and even discouraging, which is why many people choose to seek support from an immigration law firm in El Paso. You will have someone assisting you ever step of the way. They will explain the meaning of every document and will help you figure out the proper way to fill them out and when and where to submit them. It can be devastating to spend extended amounts of time filling out paperwork only to find they have been rejected due to a miniscule error. Your attorney can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Immigration law is extremely complicated and is always changing. The attorneys at Lopez & Associates stay updated and on track with the current standards and regulations that are difficult to understand. For more information, call (915)-996-9070 and set up an appointment to speak with an attorney.