How an Immigration Attorney Helps with Marriage Green Cards

gavel and weightA very wise person once said: “There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love”.

Love is a powerfully connecting force, and people who truly love one another will not let any boundary or limit prevent them from being together. When love crosses international borders, however, being together requires navigating through several complex immigration laws and piles of tricky paperwork. Luckily, an immigration attorney is equipped with the knowledge and aptitude to assist hopeful, married couples in the green card process.

Obtaining a Green Card through the Marriage Process

While marriage usually makes the green card petition process go a lot more smoothly, it does not guarantee that the application will be simple or that success will be immediately granted. While authority figures know that many international marriages are based solely on love, they also know that several people abuse the immigration system by initiating marriages for green card purposes. Thus, marriage-related green card applications are thoroughly inspected to ensure that there is no fraud attached to the situation, and this makes the process rather meticulous.

It is not required to have legal representation during the green card application process, but an immigration attorney is very helpful when it comes to international marriages – especially when there are additional factors at play. For example, if a green card holder divorces from the U.S. citizen that he or she first married and hopes to marry another U.S. citizen, it is likely that this situation will be seen as suspect by authority figures. An immigration attorney is recommended in such a case, particularly if the applicant is seeking permanent residence.

Other Functions of an Immigration Attorney

In addition to helping with marriage green cards, immigration lawyers offer counsel and representation to foreign citizens who hope to establish themselves in another country. They work with clients seeking work visas, student visas, and even naturalization (applying for full citizenship). They help foreign citizens with U.S. citizenship tests and court trials, and they work to defend immigrants against deportation.

One major way that immigration lawyers can help is by assisting with paperwork. Green card applications can be confusing, but these attorneys are experts at filling the paperwork out correctly. If the paperwork is completed accurately the first time, there is a decreased chance of denial or delay. By overseeing and auditing your paperwork before it is submitted, immigration attorneys help expedite the green card/permanent resident petition process.

Ask Questions

If you are facing the immigration process, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. We recommend you start by asking questions. Search the internet, read handbooks, and get in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer in your area. Cynthia R. Lopez, an experienced attorney in El Paso, is ready and willing to help answer your questions about immigration laws today!