How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Asylum-Related Issues

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Only 26.3% of asylum seekers in the United States received asylum in 2020.

This represents a steady incline of refused asylum cases since the departure of the Obama Administration. The increasing high barrier of entry has caused many people to wonder whether it’s worthwhile to hire an immigration lawyer for their asylum cases.

An asylum lawyer offers a wide variety of benefits to people who are seeking refuge in the United States. Below, we’ll get into how they help you with asylum-related issues. Keep reading to learn more and strengthen your asylum case!

They’ll Increase Your Chances of Winning Asylum

Many of the people who win their asylum cases have legal representation. In fact, only 17% of those who received asylum in 2020 were unrepresented.

When asylum seekers hire an immigration lawyer, the attorney will look at their case and decide on the best way of representing it. The right attorney will have years of experience searching for the right pieces of information to present. They’ll be able to coach you through every step of the process.

With their help, you might feel more confident about the various parts of the process, too. You’ll have less of a chance of improperly preparing yourself and a better idea of what to expect next.

They’ll Explain the Law to You

Immigration law is complicated and full of legal jargon. Unless you have a thorough command of English legalese, you run the risk of not understanding it.

This can cause you to make costly mistakes, which might even amount to losing your case.

An immigration attorney has spent years familiarizing themselves with various aspects of immigration law. They know what each part of it says and how to explain it in laymen’s terms.

If you’re a native speaker of another language, this type of service will prove helpful. Some immigration attorneys even speak multiple languages. As such, they might have the ability to tell you what the law says in the language you know best.

They’ll Explain Your Rights to You

The United States has many different laws protecting the rights of people seeking asylum.

Some of your rights include the freedom to move and access education. The children of asylum seekers living in the United States have the right to attend public school. As soon as you receive work authorization, you also have the right to seek employment.

Basically, you have the right to access the basic necessities of life.

Your lawyer might be able to point you to other services, such as assistance before you receive your work authorization.

In the United States, it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against you because you’re an immigrant. If you have reason to believe an employer has discriminated against you, speak to your lawyer about your options. They might recommend some courses of action for you to take.

They’ll Fight for You If You Receive Deportation Threats

You should also ask your attorney about what you should do if you’re threatened with deportation.

Immigration officers are not allowed to enter your home or send you anywhere without the proper warrants. You’re also entitled to have your lawyer present during any legal hearings or conversations with law enforcement.

If you know that you’re at risk for deportation, call your attorney as soon as possible. They’ll help you decide what to do and may even prepare you to answer questions. In general, you should refrain from having important conversations with law enforcement until your attorney arrives.

If they ask you questions, say, “I’d prefer to wait until my attorney gets here.” You also have the right to not say anything if you don’t want to.

Once you receive asylum, the government can’t deport you.

They’ll Help You Prepare for Your Asylum Interview

During the asylum-seeking process, you’ll undergo an interview with an immigration official.

These interviews can make or break your case, so you need to prepare for them. You’ll need to bring identification documents for yourself and anyone in your family. Any family members who are derivatives on your asylum paperwork need to be present at the interview.

Most interviews last at least an hour. Yet, the length of the interview depends on the case. You will get asked about the particulars of the circumstances that led you to seek asylum. The interviewer will remain as sensitive to distressing topics as possible. Still, you should disclose the full truth to them, as this will help you get asylum.

You should have your lawyer present at this meeting. If necessary, you can also bring an interpreter along. The state does not provide interpreters, so you’ll have to pay for one yourself.

Your lawyer can help you prepare for this interview. They may run through some typical questions and give you advice on the answers. That way, you’ll feel ready and confident when you show up.

An Immigration Lawyer Prepares Paperwork for You

Often, immigration proceedings require a lot of paperwork. On your own, you might have difficulty figuring out what you need to fill out. Not doing it in a correct manner can result in a lot of extra work.

Your immigration lawyer will take the guesswork away from you and assemble your paperwork for you. They’ll inform you about what you need to do and give you advice on how to go about it. This can save you lots of time.

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