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Citizenship through Naturalization

If you were already a citizen of one country and seeking to become a citizen of another country, this attempt would be known as citizenship through naturalization. This may include dual citizenship if the country allows. Otherwise, it might entail the renouncing of the former country of citizenship. This is a common legal matter that an immigration attorney in El Paso can help you with. The law office of Lopez & Associates has helped countless clients manage their way successfully through the detailed paperwork process so that citizenship is gained without any problems. Naturalization usually means living in the country in which you are seeking citizenship with for a set amount of years. Not only will the person seeking citizenship have to live in the country but also become familiar with its culture, history, language and swearing an official oath of allegiance. Individuals seeking to become United States citizens typically means living and working on U.S. soil for five years or three years for someone who is already married to a U.S. citizen. After the duration of three to five years, a person can attempt to pass the citizenship exam. This exam will demonstrate their knowledge of the official language, history, society, customs and culture. Afterwards, an interview is taken to ensure the person is of upstanding moral character.

If you have any concerns or complications with your effort to gain citizenship through naturalization, you should contact an immigration attorney in El Paso. With professional legal backing, you can prevent unnecessary time delays due to improper document filing, missing information and more.

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