Finding the Right Immigration Law Firm in El Paso


Finding the right immigration law firm in El Paso is essential if you want to live and work in the United States or if you want to help your family members come to this country. The process of getting a visa and obtaining permission to go to work and school is complicated. For those who want to become U.S. citizens or help their families to become citizens, there are even more hoops that you will need to jump through.
From filling out the right forms to proving that you have completed all of the required criteria, there is a lot you need to know when it comes to immigrating to the United States.  Cynthia R. Lopez is here to provide you with guidance and insight through the entire process of trying to immigrate.
Our immigration law firm in El Paso can represent you if you want to sponsor a family member or if you are seeking immigration yourself either by making a claim for asylum, claiming refugee status or looking for a family or employer sponsor. Cynthia R. Lopez has been helping clients to successfully navigate the immigration system since founding her immigration law firm in El Paso in 2011.

Lawyers have different areas of specialization and your immigration law firm should be focused on helping people who are interested in making the U.S. their home. You should also look for an immigration law firm in El Paso where you can be represented by an attorney who is fluent in your language and who can explain all of the legal information to you in a way that you can understand. Cynthia R. Lopez is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English and can provide legal representation to people immigrating to the U.S. from across the globe. Contact our firm today.