Fighting Immigrant Detention Camps with Immigration Litigation

one little boy refugee in empty desert field near long fencing with barbed wire

It has been occurring too often that U.S. citizens are sent to detention camps for extraneous periods of time. These American citizens are not only held in solitary for lengthy terms, but in poor conditions, where they are treated with inhumane consideration. Families are being separated and children are stolen from their parents, but that is what immgration lawyers are here for: to prove your citizenship and fight for your natural-born rights. We’ll go over the methods used to keep you from being a victim of the ruthless immigrant detention camps.


Setting Ultimatums

There have been groups of lawyers that have filed lawsuits and sued for a large number of money to stress the living conditions that the U.S. Border Patrol has recklessly placed people in. U.S. Border Patrol is only allowed to have people detained for, at most, 72 hours before transferring them to ICE. Officials are not resisting to follow these guidelines. Suing the officials that handle immigration situations apathetically are deemed to either pay the price or they’ll go through a tough battle with these lawyers and- it must be noted- that these lawyers are a stubborn bunch. 


Traveling Beyond

Immigration lawyers are also set on travel funds to be able to commute to these detention camps (which, unfortunately enough, are throughout the south of the U.S.). Immigration lawyers fight with a method of showing up to these detention camps and demand to put a fight with these officials, face to face. When these unjust Border Patrol officials are approached directly by a lawyer, they are usually left with an unexpected impression and cannot stand tall, in which lawyers are always ready to put up a fight and come prepared. 


Making Connections

Another method lawyers have taken upon themselves is connecting with news outlets and transfer interviews of detained immigrants to these outlets. What makes this method so effective is the logic how news spreads; news can expose and stress the extremities of certain cases and it enforces legal officials to take matters into their hands. The more that lawyers are able to expose the detention camps, the more they are able to gain support for their legal fight. This is all done by simply collecting vital data and sending it to sources who can help spread the cause.


Lawyers Serving You 

This problem of immigrants being detained in these camps is a problem that affects everyone. The most saddening part about this case is that most of these immigrants that are detained are actually legally qualified and allowed to reside and work in the U.S.; border patrol officials are going against their own moral obligation of doing the right thing. Cynthia R. Lopez can help you fight the good fight. Do not hesitate to contact us today as we will treat your case with fairness and the desire to win.