Facts About Seeking Asylum

Application for asylumImmigrants can seek asylum if they’re being persecuted in their home country because of race, religion, or political beliefs, but asylum into the United States is never guaranteed. An immigration attorney can help you seek asylum in a more efficient manner. Cynthia R. Lopez, attorney at law, can help you if you’re seeking asylum. But first, there are a few facts about seeking asylum that you should know.

Asylum Has Been Around for Many Years

In the olden times, many Egyptians, Greeks, and Hebrews sought asylum in many European countries. In fact, the renowned philosophers Voltaire and Descartes each sought asylum throughout their lives. During the medieval times in Europe, which saw lots of wartime, many people sought asylum to escape the wars and dangerous times. Terms of asylum have, of course, evolved since then and many today seek asylum because of persecution.

What is Persecution?

Persecution happens when a government entity or a party that a government cannot control. Persecution is often defined as repeated or prolonged abuse and discrimination but can vary depending on opinion and policy. According to Immigrationequality.org, an example of persecution could be police inviting a homosexual man out on a date via online messaging and then arresting him when he arrives at the date.

Asylum in the United States Today

One may seek asylum in the United States if they’re already here and are being persecuted, making them unable and unwilling to return to their home country, but the process is complex and may take a great deal of time.

How Politics are Currently Affecting Asylum Seekers

Another hindrance to seeking asylum is politics. Asylum and immigration policies are constantly changing. Most recently, President Trump and his administration ended a program aimed specifically at women and children who seek asylum. This program made it so women and children didn’t have to stay in detention centers while waiting for court processing of their asylum petition. Because policies and regulations are always changing, working with an immigration attorney is your best bet at winning your case.

Cynthia R. Lopez Can Help!

No one deserves to live in a country where they don’t feel safe. If you’re seeking asylum in the United States, Cynthia R. Lopez, attorney at law, can help. We’ll help you through the process and do so as fast as possible, so you don’t have to worry. Call us today!