Facts About Spouse Visas in El Paso


Spouse visas in El Paso should be available at any time to the spouse of a United States citizen. Lawful permanent residents (green card holders) may also obtain spousal visas to help their husband or wife immigrate to the United States. However, while there are an unlimited number of spousal visas available for the husbands and wives of U.S. residents, there may be a waiting period for visas for spouses of lawful permanent residents who are covered by the F2A preference.

To obtain a spouse visa in El Paso, the couple must be legally married.  The marriage must be a legitimate one. A couple cannot get married only for purposes of allowing someone outside the United States to immigrate. These so-called “green card” marriages are illegal.  You will be expected to undergo an interview to obtain spouse visas in El Paso, and will be asked questions to prove you are actually married.

If you are not yet married, you will not be eligible for spouse visas in El Paso. If your future spouse is outside the United States and you want to get married in the country, an immigration attorney may be able to help you obtain a fiancé visa.  This gives you time for your future spouse to come to the United States and plan a wedding.

Spouse visas in El Paso should now be available not only to opposite sex spouses but also to couples who are in a same sex marriage.

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