Essential Things to Know Before Applying for Asylum

asylum, El-Paso

If you fear that you could face persecution in your home country, you may be eligible for asylum in the United States. Asylum is different from other immigration issues because there are special rules for when people can stay in the United States due to the fact they are afraid for their lives if they return home.  Cynthia R. Lopez can help you to understand the rules for asylum and determine if you could qualify.


How Does Asylum Work?

There are limited situations in which someone is eligible for this in the United States. You must be facing the real and imminent threat of persecution, such as physical harm that could end in death, if you were deported or made to go back to your country of origin. You must be facing this threat of persecution as a result of your race, gender, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other protected status or membership in a particular group.   You must apply for asylum and make a convincing case that you need to be allowed to make your home in the United States due to the risks to you if forced to return to your country of origin.  


How is This Immigration Procedure Different?

Asylum is different from other immigration issues, such as immigrating because your family or your employer is sponsoring you. People who seek this option truly have no other choice- they are not coming to the United States just because they want to but because it is a matter of life or death. Since the stakes are so high, those who are making an asylum claim need a legal advocate who they can trust and who has experience. Contact Cynthia R. Lopez to get the help you need.