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Complications with E-Verify

When an employees’ name and social security number fails to match up, an employer will receive a No-Match letter from the Social Security Administration agency, which could result in firing. The problem is that there are weaknesses within the E-Verify system, which could be due to an out of date database, or inaccuracies leading to erroneous employment termination. The E-Verify system is used by employers to determine the employee’s legal status to work. The law office of Lopez & Associates, El Paso’s immigration law firm can advocate for people who wrongfully been denied employment due to E-Verify inaccuracies. The purpose of E-Verify is to prevent unauthorized workers from gaining employment. Opponents would say this is an intrusive system that creates unnecessary employment obstacles for thousands of citizens. Some believe that possible security and privacy risks may lessen the benefits of the system as it was originally intended. Since all systems have their share of imperfections, changes in names, transliteration of names with non-roman alphabets, incorrect name order and simple typos can cause hectic complications. These types of mistakes can make it difficult to gain rightful employment verification and can be lengthy in resolution. Misspellings and such occur most often with foreign names, which can negatively impact a subset of workers. El Paso’s immigration law firm, Lopez & Associates can help individuals who suspect their dismissal of employment was due to E-Verify errors. Everyone who has obtained the legal right to work should not be denied work on this type of basis. Seeking professional legal counsel is the best place to start.

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