El Paso Immigration Lawyer: Apply for Adjustment of Status

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A knowledgeable El Paso immigration lawyer such as Cynthia R. Lopez can help you apply for an adjustment of status if you want to become a permanent resident without having to leave the country. An adjustment of status is an alternative to consular processing and it is a better choice for many people who are living in the country and want to change their status from parolee to immigrant.

An adjustment of status means that your immigration status is changed from nonimmigrant to immigrant upon filing your forms and being approved. It is one of two paths that you can take to become a permanent resident (consular processing is the other).  An El Paso immigration lawyer can provide assistance in determining if you can qualify for adjustment of status and if this is the right choice for you.

Many people become qualified for permanent resident status through family sponsorship.  Your family member will need to submit a petitioning sponsoring you if you want to seek an adjustment of status.  When you choose Cynthia Lopez as your  El Paso immigration lawyer, she will gladly help with this process. It may also be possible to qualify to become a permanent resident if you are sponsored by an employer.

When your family member submits a petition, you may be able to submit an adjustment of status request at the same time. The adjustment of status form is called Form I-485. You can file this form simultaneously with the family -based petition (the Form I-130 petition) as long as there are visas available in your category.  If no visas are available when the Form I-130 is filed, you will need to wait to file your Adjustment of Status form until visas become available. An El Paso immigration lawyer can assist you in understanding all of the forms you need to file and can take care of paperwork on your behalf. Contact Cynthia R. Lopez today.