Help From an Immigration Attorney

Reasons Applications Get Denied

Crossing international boundary lines can become a difficult process that can result in years of complications. There are many families across our borders that are seeking the assistance from a professional immigration attorney such as the law office of Lopez & Associates to advocate for their legal transfer into our nation. Unfortunately it is common for various types of immigration applications (i.e. student visas, workers visas, citizenship, green cards etc. ) to be denied. So, what are some of the problems involved that drag the process out farther than it could have been.

Some reasons visa applications for instance gets denied is due to the fact that there are some important supporting documents missing. Also, if your application is lacking necessary information this can slow the process down by causing your request to be denied and a new application must be submitted. If an immigration applicant has currently (or previously) participated in certain questionable actions, such as drug or criminal activities, this may cause the application for a visa to become denied. Entering another country means that you are willing and able to meet the demands put on by application requirements.

If an application for a student visa is restrictive for only a specific type of educational institution or accreditation then you might find it difficult to have your visa be accepted if the details outlining the purpose of your visit does not match the application requirements. In this case, you are urged to seek the help of an immigration attorney who can advocate your case legally and help you gain legal entrance.

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