Are There Different Kinds of Asylum?

sign saying seeking asylum (asilo) is a human right

Immigrants may be granted asylum in the United States if they are political refugees who left their native country and who face prosecution because of their beliefs. According to United States Citizenship and Immigration service, this immigration permission doesn’t expire. It entitles the political refuge in order for you to stay in the U.S., apply for a social security card, and obtain an employment authorization document (EAD). It is important to understand the rules for asylum as well as the types of asylum available if you believe you may qualify for this status. Cynthia R. Lopez can help those who live in El Paso with legal issues related to asylum cases for loved ones abroad.


Different Kinds of Asylum


There is only one type of asylum granted to political refugees. However, there are two different kinds of these cases. For example, there are affirmative cases where people who have not had contact with immigration services apply for this status, and there are also asylum claims in removal cases.  If you are denied and/or if you are facing deportation and you believe that you should be granted this status, you will need to claim it in your removal case. 


Getting Help with Immigration Claimsshadows of a family through a chain link border fence looking for asylum or other immigration status

Cynthia R. Lopez provides legal representation in both affirmative asylum cases as well as in removal cases. If you want to apply for this immigration status so you can get the protection of being formally granted political refuge and be entitled to everything that status entails, we can help you to get started. If you are facing removal proceedings, it is also important to reach out to an El Paso immigraion attorney for help as soon as possible.  You can try to avoid being deported and get official legal permission to stay in the U.S. as a political refuge. When you need a reliable and knowledgeable immigration attorney to help you with political refugee status and/or other immigration issues, contact Cynthia R. Lopez today.