Deportation Defense is About Knowing Your Options

three passports with a sticky note saying deportation, hinting the need for deportation defense

Cynthia R. Lopez provides deportation defense if your family member is at risk of being deported and is being held in custody.  You need to reach out to an experienced attorney right away to get prompt legal help.  Getting legal guidance could make all the difference in preventing deportation and in making it possible for your loved one to stay in the United States. It can also mean the difference between being able to emigrate legally in the future instead of not being allowed back in the country.

Why is Deportation Defense Important?

When someone is facing deportation proceedings, the stakes are high. Unless the judge rules against involuntary removal, your loved one who is at risk of deportation could be required to leave the United States. There are legal arguments that can be made, which are sometimes successful in avoiding involuntary removal. Unfortunately, immigration law is confusing and many people in El Paso are not sure where to start when it comes to presenting a case to a judge.  Cynthia R. Lopez has represented many clients who are at risk of deportation.  When you need an attorney who understands the law, you can trust Cynthia R. Lopez.Deportation word cloud concept

Options for Deportation Defense

There are many different approaches to deportation defense, and the right one will depend upon your family’s members specific situation. Many people who are in El Paso or surrounding areas without documented status are in the United States for many reasons. Some may face persecution or life threatening situations back home while some simply want a chance to earn money for their families.

If your family member is at risk of being persecuted for religion, race, national origin, or gender, it may be possible to argue for asylum.  An attorney can also help defendants to explore other possible arguments for deportation defense and can provide assistance in negotiating a voluntary removal when there aren’t other options. Voluntary removal is preferable because involuntary removal can trigger a decade long ban on return to the U.S.

To learn more about deportation defense in El Paso and about how Cynthia R. Lopez can help, contact us today.