Deportation Defense- What You Need to Know



Cynthia R. Lopez offers deportation defense to those who are facing involuntary removal from the United States in the El Paso area. Deportation has far-reaching and serious legal consequences, beyond simply being removed from the country. If you leave the United States voluntarily, you can return with a valid visa and move forward with the immigration process. However, if you are forcibly removed via a deportation order, you may be required to remain out of the country on a continuous basis for anywhere from five years to twenty years depending on the specifics of your circumstances.  This means even if you want to go through the lawful immigration process by having an employer or a family member who is willing to sponsor you, you will not be able to.

Deportation defens is first and foremost centered around trying to help you avoid deportation. If there are legal arguments to make on your behalf as to why you should not be removed from the country, an experienced attorney will help you to find those arguments and present your case to a judge. For example, one very common deportation defense is that you cannot return to your own country because of fear of political persecution or threats of serious violence. If your life would be at risk upon your return to your home country, you may be allowed to stay in the United States.  Your lawyer will help you explore whether this is a valid deportation defense or whether you have other arguments to make to try to stay.

If you do not have a good deportation defense, your attorney can try to negotiate so you will be granted voluntary departure instead of being forcibly removed. This can make later immigration attempts easier. To learn more about deportation defense in El Paso, contact Cynthia R. Lopez today.