Deportation Defense- Know Your Options


If you or someone that you love is facing deportation proceedings, contact Cynthia R. Lopez for help with deportation defense in the El Paso area. Being deported has far-reaching consequences, aside from not being able to remain in the United States. There may be fines associated with involuntary removal. You may also be banned from returning to the United States for a decade after being involuntarily removed from the country and any future attempts to immigrate permanently to the U.S. are going to be affected by the deportation on your record.

You have options for deportation defense in El Paso. You can argue that you actually are a lawful immigrant with legal status if you have proof that you have a visa or are allowed to be in the country. If you are worried about your safety or that you will face persecution on the basis of your religion, your politics, your group affiliation, or other specific characteristics, you may also be able to seek asylum and be permitted to remain in the United States.

When you are facing removal proceedings, you must choose the right arguments to make for deportation defense in El Paso so you will have the best chance of ultimately being allowed to stay in this country. You also need to make a decision on whether it may make strategic sense for the long-term to negotiate that you will not be deported but instead will voluntarily remove yourself from the country.

Cynthia R. Lopez will advise you on the different options you may have for deportation defense in El Paso and will help you to try to make the best choice for your immediate safety and happiness as well as for your long-term rights to live in the United States. Contact her offices today for the help you need.