What Does Deportation Defense Cover?

deportation stencil print on a grungy gray, white, and black wallDeportation defense can include a multitude of things. There are many defenses to deportation depending on your situation and legal status. If you’re in the El Paso area and feel that you’ve been wrongfully deported or may be wrongfully deported, it’s important to know these common defenses. It is also important to know where to find a strong immigration lawyer like Cynthia R. Lopez to help you.

Application for Permanent Residency

The process for a green card can take a long time. As a result, you can use it as a type of defense against deportation. It shows that you are taking steps to rectify your legal status and never meant to remain in uncertain status.

Deferred Action for Certain Childhood Arrivals

A child that was brought illegally into the United States at a very young age can qualify for deferred action in deportation cases. You need to prove that they live here, attend school, and haven’t left for an extended period of time. As a result, this can postpone deportation for children.

U Visas

When a person in danger of deportation cooperates with a criminal investigation, they can qualify for a U visa. An application still has to be filled out. However, you have a better chance of avoiding deportation in these cases.

Prosecutorial Discretion

Sometimes the sitting judge, or whoever is dealing with the case decision, can choose to just let go of a case. This kind of defense is left completely to the discretion of the court. Keep in mind, it depends on the judge and your situation.

Voluntary departure

If a person agrees to leave on his or her own, then that could be a way of deportation defense. The charges against a non-citizen for deportation would no longer apply. In addition, you can be eligible to return to the U.S. after a set period of time.

Violence Against Women ActApplication Suspension of Deportation that can be used in deportation defense

Victims involved in crime and directly in danger may be able to skip deportation. This is to protect women and men who are fleeing abusive relationships and therefore feel they cannot go back. In these cases, an immigration lawyer can help you prepare your statement. Additionally, you need to be able to prove your claim with a strong statement as well as other things your lawyer will advise you on.

Help with Deportation Defense

If you think that you might be in need of a deportation defense, it is crucial to find the legal representation to help you. Deportation is a serious legal process that can have a severe impact on your life and your family’s life. Cynthia R. Lopez and her staff  provide some of the best immigration legal support and representation to those in the El Paso area. Contact us today for help.