Building Your Music Career With a Lawyer By Your Side

Microphones next to contract to be signed by both the producer and music artist.

You might think that lawyers are only limited to helping industries such as business, accounting, or managing, but lawyers can do so much more. If rising to the charts with your original music is your dream, it is likely that you will need a lawyer in the image. Music lawyers are mission-critical to any artist that specializes in producing, songwriting, or recording. One bad contract can do some serious damage to a music artist’s career, which makes a music lawyer all the more necessary. With a music lawyer, you can claim credit for what’s rightfully yours and ensure that you receive the money promised from a contract. A music lawyer carefully analyzes the documentation that lies between you, the artists, and the recording manager. Let’s take a look at what the ideal music lawyer looks like and what exactly they can do for you. 

Qualities to Look For in a Music Lawyer

Music lawyers should have a good mix of five important traits. The first is being able to establish a relationship with clients and associated networks. The entertainment industry is vast and it’s important to have as many people on your side. You want a lawyer that can help you reap important information and one-time opportunities. The second trait is having a healthy sense of risk management. A lawyer should always be aware of the contracts you shouldn’t sign with. Thirdly, a music lawyer should obtain persuasive negotiation tactics. A sharp, logical, and objective-based lawyer is one that can excel with this skill. Fourth, you want to hire a lawyer that will stay loyal to you, no matter what. With fierce dedication, you won’t have to worry that a lawyer will let you down. Lastly, you want to seek out a lawyer composed of intuition. Over time, lawyers can tell when a contract or music producer will rip you off. Don’t be afraid to do your research and find the best performing lawyer possible. 

The Responsibilities of a Music Lawyer

A music lawyer is always occupied by being able to protect a client’s interests while also being able to provide the best results possible. For example, if a contract undervalues an artist and their music, the lawyer will not settle for less and will demand more in return. A music lawyer should be on stand-by 24/7 as there are many documents, waivers, and samples that need clearing to prevent lawsuits. Each of these responsibilities is to be carried out on fair and tranquil terms. Some music lawyers also work for publishers, labels, and promoters as corporate counsel for a variety of other reasons. These music lawyers in specific are present to protect their employers from liability. They also serve to increase a company’s earnings when signing artists and handle negotiations and dealings. These lawyers can apply these services to an individual working in the entertainment industry as well. 

How to Know When You Need to Hire a Music Lawyer

If any of the business between you and a recording manager involves money, ownership, collaboration, it is in your best interest to hire a music lawyer to add their litigation and input. Music lawyers can also come into the picture when dealing with manager-artist agreements, royalty split sheets, publishing deals, brand sponsorship requirements, and much more. It is never a wise choice to sign anything substantial without an attorney by your side. 

It would also be best to consider working with a music lawyer if you’ll be working within the entertainment industry for years to come. By signing a long-term agreement with a music lawyer, you won’t have to worry about having to pay an hourly rate. Most often, this agreement calls for the lawyer to receive a small percentage of the artist’s earnings. If you want to hit significant milestones of growth, a lawyer can definitely help you achieve that. 

Why Do Music Lawyers Matter So Much?

In case the point hasn’t already been stressed enough, good music lawyers tend to be much more than one may anticipate. Good and trustworthy music lawyers tend to be intimately aware of the changing nature of copyright and contract law. A hardworking lawyer will also command respect from others working alongside you in the studio or on the stage, respond to your urgent questions, and broaden your understanding of the music business. Some music lawyers deeply believe in the music industry and are strong advocates for those who are trying to achieve commercial potential within their creative work. A good music lawyer is not only one that works diligently, but one that cares.

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