The Benefits of Hiring a Strong Immigration Attorney

a pencil pointing to the word immigration put there by a strong immigration attorney

When you are at risk of deportation or if you fear that your family members will be deported, you need a strong immigration attorney in El Paso.  At the offices of Cynthia R. Lopez, we are committed to helping keep families together and to helping do everything possible to allow you to stay in the United States. Having a strong immigration attorney is essential because you need someone who can understand the immigration process. A good lawyer can help you understand and choose the best option moving forward.

An Strong Immigration Attorney Can Help Sort Through Your Options

If you are facing removal proceedings, there are a number of arguments that it are possible for you to make that can help you avoid being deported. You could argue for a spousal or family sponsored visa. If your case is more complicated, there are different exceptions and loopholes only an attorney familiar with the immigration system can help you with. You could argue that you are in fear of your life if you are deported. You could claim you face persecution or violence if you are forced to return back to your home country. This is type of plea is considered asylum, which requires a certain set of requirements to fill. If you are able to make a compelling argument with the help of a strong immigration attorney this can make it possible for you to get refugee or asylum status and stay in the United States.

Have Support for Any Outcome

Even if you cannot escape being removed from the United States, it is still important to have good legal representation. We can help you figure out how to lessen the impact of your removal for family and loved ones left behind.  An involuntary removal could trigger a monetary fine and could prevent you from returning to the United States for a decade. A strong immigration attorney could help you to negotiate an alternative voluntary removal so at least you will not be prevented from trying to immigrate legally at a later date.

Cynthia R. Lopez and her staff have helped many people with all kinds of immigration issues, complications and problems. Contact our offices today to learn how we can help you.