Become a US Citizen with the Help of A Citizenship Attorney


The process of becoming a United States citizen is extremely complicated, but a citizenship attorney in El Paso can help.

There are a wide variety of different ways that someone can start on the path towards becoming a United States citizen. Each different path, however, begins with getting an immigrant visa.  You need to ensure you comply with the rules and come to the United States with the right type of visa if you want to work towards becoming a citizen. If you do not come with appropriate documentation from the beginning, it can become more difficult or even impossible to get on the path towards citizenship.

One option that you have if you want to become a citizen is to see if you have any close family members that can sponsor you.  Permanent U.S. citizens generally have the first priority for sponsoring family members. However, naturalized citizens are also able to sponsor family members as well.

There are spousal visas available in unlimited numbers for U.S. citizens to help their spouses get visas, and there are also spousal visas available for naturalized citizens.  In addition to visas for spouses, family members can also sponsor other relatives including children, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles. There are certain restrictions on some types of family sponsorship, such as age restrictions for children sponsoring parents. There are also strict limits on the availability of certain family-based visas. A citizenship attorney in El Paso can explain the rules.

Other options include investment-based visas and employment-based visas. A citizenship attorney in El Paso will provide a detailed review of the type of visas you could potentially qualify for in order to begin the process of becoming a citizen. Contact Cynthia R. Lopez today to talk to a citizenship attorney and learn more.