Avoid Deportation with a Strong Immigration Attorney

three passports with a sticky note saying deportationIf you are concerned about the risk of deportation,  you need a strong immigration attorney in El Paso. Deportation can have devastating affects on an individual and a family member. Deportation severely affects families, forcing them to choose to stay together in another country or live separately. It can also impact the ability to return to the United States. It is important to realize that a deported person typically cannot re-enter the country for a decade or more.

The Need for a Strong Immigration Attorney

A strong immigration attorney will work hard to find all possible ways to avoid deportation. After all, the goal is to allow you or your loved ones to stay in the United States. Your attorney can make solid and convincing arguments to the court on your behalf or on your family members behalf.  While deportation should be avoided at all costs, there are cases where it cannot be avoided.  Those who are facing involuntary removal or who have family members at risk of deportation are going to need a strong immigration attorney.deportation and other immigration issues that require a strong immigration attorney

Voluntary VS Involuntary Deportation

In cases where deportation is simply not avoidable, a strong immigration attorney will help to negotiate for voluntary removal. An involuntary removal comes with severe restrictions and conditions for re-entering the United States. However, voluntary removal can be negotiated in order to protect the ability to come back to the United States after a set period of time. This leaves the door open to potentially pursuing immigration through legal channels after being deported.

Cynthia R. Lopez is an El Paso immigration lawyer who is not afraid to be creative in finding solutions. As a result, she will do what is necessary to fight for the rights of her clients. To learn more about how a strong immigration attorney can help when there is a serious threat of deportation, contact our office today.