Help From an Immigration Attorney

There are many immigration attorneys in El Paso that can help you out in a variety of ways. Some can help you with applications regarding green cards or visas. Others can help with naturalization and applying for citizenship. But what about the other side of immigration law? There are some instances where you, a family member or a friend are removed from the country by the federal government.

When this happens it is called deportation. Deportation can happen for many different reasons. But the two biggest reasons why this happens is because the non-citizen violates some type of immigration law or commits a serious crime.

If someone is deported for whatever reason, there will be a process that they will have to go through. First a notice to appear will be issued to the individual. This will state information about the person being deported and why they are being deported.

After this a hearing will be scheduled. During this time two things will happen. One, the individual will have a chance to find an attorney to defense their case. And two, the judge will determine if all the information is correct in the notice to appear. If the information happens to be correct, the individual can apply for a relief from deportation. And then the process will play out from here.

This is why it is so important for the individual to have an immigration attorney represent them in the case. Any wrong information or doings can lead to you or a loved one being deported back to their country.

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