Applying for Asylum in El Paso

asylum in El Paso

If you are currently in the United States illegally or temporarily and fear to return home due to political, religious or other reasons, applying for asylum in El Paso can make it possible for you to stay in the United States. While there are many forms of asylum, you must be aware of some key things.

Asylum in El Paso is available on a limited basis. You must be able to prove that you will face mortal danger if you return home due to valid reasons. You can do this by showing that you have suffered persecution or believe you will suffer persecution if you return to your home country. Many people come from violent places and still face deportation. You must specifically show that you are in danger or have suffered persecution as a result of your race, your nationality, your religion, your political opinion, or your membership in a particular social group.

Proving that you are eligible for asylum in El Paso can be complicated and the strength of the arguments you make about why you need to stay in the U.S. are going to have a profound impact on whether asylum is granted. Cynthia R Lopez has extensive experience providing assistance to clients seeking to qualify for asylum in El Paso. We will help you do everything possible to prove that you are in true danger if you return home.

Cynthia R Lopez will help you complete Form I-589 applying for asylum and withholding of removal. Call today to learn more.
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