Applying for Citizenship in El Paso – Common Questions

back of a woman successfully being sworn as a citizen after applying for citizenship and passing.Applying for citizenship in El Paso can be a pretty stressful process. Some would agree that studying for the test is the most gut-wrenching part of it all. According the the American Enterprise for Public Policy, 97.5 percent of immigrants pass the test. In fact, 7.5 million people have applied for citizenship and become naturalized U.S. citizens within the last 10 years. The test may seem nerve wracking, but it definitely isn’t as bad as you think. We have a few tips to help you get on the right track.

What Does Applying for Citizenship Consist of?

Before you even get tested, a long process starts. Of course, you have to first determine if you are eligible to become a citizen. Then you have to prepare and submit the application to be considered for citizenship, which Form N-400. Then you go to the biometrics appointment, which includes taking a photograph and fingerprints to document your identity. You will also receive a background check.  You will then attend the interview and test. You be tested on the English language and U.S. history and government. From there the USCIS will issue a notice of their decision which will be, granted, continued, or denied.

How Do I Prepare for the Test?

The first thing that needs to be done is brushing up on your English language. The USCIS will test you on written, spoken, and comprehension of the English language. Depending on your current level, you can invest in flashcards and videos to study for the test. Practicing talking with loved ones will be a huge benefit as well. Self testing with online programs is another good idea. You will also be given a test about the U.S. government and history. There are plenty of testing packages you can buy online or website that will quiz you on common questions. The key will be due diligence on your part.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Applying for citizenship in El Paso is nothing to be taken lightly. With a lawyer by your side you won’t have to worry about learning all the ins and outs of immigration law. Even reading the correspondence you receive in the mail can be a challenge. Cynthia R. Lopez, P.C. will help you with every step in the process. Not only will her team help you study for the test, but they will also find out if you are eligible for any exemptions. Contact our office for more information.