An El Paso Immigration Law Firm

Immigration law is a specialized form of law, which focuses on legal matters of temporary and permanent international relocation. Since our city of El Paso borders the international city of Ciudad Juárez, many families and businesses have sought legal assistance in their relocation process. Having the help of an El Paso immigration law firm can greatly benefit the process and ensure accurate and timely documentation.

Each country requires the authorization of temporary or permanent residents, through legal documentation. The bounds of immigration law can be complicated where language barriers exist and misunderstandings to the legal terminology. With an El Paso immigration law firm, you and your family can have the security of knowing that any complications can be handled professionally and speedily.

Short visits into the United States will require a passport at the very least if not a specified short visit visa. When a person is seeking to reside in the country longer than a short-term visa would allow, additional permissions would need to be given to the individual. For example, the person may need to obtain a work visa or student visa. More permanent relocation involves the clearance of receiving a green card, resident alien status or citizenship, which can be guided by the expertise of an immigration attorney. The rules and requirements involved in international relocation can vary by the home country in which a person is coming from. These immigration law differences may each affect the length of time it takes to receive the legal permission that is needed. In some cases, obtaining citizenship may be an easier route rather than other forms of residency status.

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