All About Adjustment of Status

Passport and US Visa

Adjustment of status makes it possible for you to get a green card and become a permanent resident without having to leave the United States. If you have come to the U.S. on an employment-based immigration visa or on a family-based immigration visa, you know that it takes a long time to move through the process of actually getting a green card. The process can be faster for some, like spouses of U.S. citizens, because there are an unlimited number of green cards available. For others, it can take years before a visa is available and you can get your green card- but you may be able to live with your family in this country as you wait.

An immigration lawyer like Cynthia R. Lopez can help you sort out what it is you need to do in order for the process to go smoothly. When you finally get the opportunity to become a permanent resident and get your green card, there are two approaches to take. One approach, consular processing, would require you to go back to your own country and go to the consulate to get your green card. You would then return as a U.S. citizen. The other, and far more practical approach for people living in the U.S., is to seek adjustment of status in El Paso.

When you are eligible, adjustment of status can be obtained by completing the correct forms and fulfilling requirements set by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Cynthia R Lopez understands what is required for adjustment of status in El Paso and can help you with all of the forms and paperwork you need.

Finally having the opportunity to get your green card is extremely exciting and you do not want unnecessary problems or delays because of procedural issues when you seek adjustment of status in El Paso.  Call Cynthia R Lopez today to help guide you through the process of becoming a permanent resident.